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BETC, Paris / IBIS / 2013

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Creative originality

For the first time, a hotel brand paints clients' sleep. Technological feat using robotics. Demonstration of the quality of bedding to a particularly pragmatic business target.

Appropriate to the brand

The brand wanted to highlight its innovative superiority in the hotel industry. As ibis hotels' new bedding took over two years of scientific research to develop, science was therefore the most appropriate way to present it.

This high-tech concept made it possible to express the technological superiority of the new Sweet Bed by ibis™, while positioning the brand as referent on the topic of sleep.


• + 200% fans each day on the Facebook page in 1 month.

• Over 1,200 news articles and blogs published around the world and relayed on TVs worldwide.

• Referenced by Google in the film “artcopycode” for the SXSW conference.

• Ibis hotel stays : + 7% during the campaign.

• Without media coverage, over 700,000 cumulative views for related videos.

• traffic on the site : +17% in October, +31% in November.

• 11% raise in turnover in October.

• Brand benefits

• High visibility beyond the hotel environment.

• Considerable gain in image: modernity, innovation, lifestyle.

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