Slide of Life.

TCHIBO, Hamburg / TCHIBO / 2021

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Tchibo is a well-known coffee roaster and retailer for coffee, fashion, interior, children’s toys and accessories. Each German town has at least one, mostly quite a few shops. So, Tchibo is always nearby. This is the reason why most people don’t know that the retailer offers e-commerce as well. 24 years after the launch of, we finally launch the first campaign celebrating the online shop!

Together with we illustrate how easygoing, casual, chilled, optimistic and close an online shop can communicate in 2021. In a 360 degree campaign including this 60 sec. cinema spot, livens up your life. And nobody has ever slided ever so smoothly through our shopping worlds before. – livens up your life. A great campaign that allows people to spoil themselves with products that are joyful and fun – without any guilty conscience. It’s been about time!

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