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PRODIGIOUS AFRICA, Johannesburg / NESTLE / 2023

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As the first in the country, Maggi Noodles was the default choice until a new entrant (Kellogg's) came into the market at a lower price point with equity and trust from another category.

With their launch campaign being "Taste The Difference", the brand needed to aggressively set itself apart from the rest of the category and have impact on the perceived differentiation of Maggi Noodles as the category is now commoditised.

We needed to drive meaningful differentiation and prove to consumers that we are not just a different bowl of noodles, but the better bowl of noodles by owning taste and quality ingredients as a key differentiator.


It's a human truth around the world that noodles are there to be slurped. That's how everyone enjoys a beautiful, brothy noodle dish. So we leaned into the slurp. Leaned into it hard, showing a simple story of a teenage girl trying to tell her family some idle teenage gossip at the dinner table, but the whole story is redacted by the slurping of the noodles.


Since flighting started in Feb 2023, 354 out of 789 spots (45%) were placed in first or last position which will result in higher recall. On South Africa's main national broadcaster (SABC) the KPI of 85.9 ARs was overachieved by 3.5% (89.4 ARs)

Post-campaign analysis has not been delivered at the time of this submission as the ad has only been flighting for 2 months.

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