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Skol Beats is an alcoholic beverage brand known for its product innovations and nightlife expertise. Based on this, we surprised our target (Brazilians,18 to 24, who love to party) with the new Skol Beats. The bottle is not filled with a new tasty flavor, but with components and circuit boards. A personal assistant like Google Home and Alexa focused on what really matters to our target: the nightlife.

It's programmed to help you throw amazing parties. Using IBM Watson technology, it obeys voice commands, tells you the best party spots and calls an Uber to get you there. It texts your friends to come over and orders Skol Beats. It's also integrated to Spotify to help you discover new beats. Do you need pick-up lines? Don’t know what to wear tonight? Just ask Smart Beats, the bottle that is always ready to help you party like never before.


Smart Beats is 3D-printed in nylon, and is exactly the size and shape as a regular Skol Beats bottle. Inside the custom made bottle there is a RaspBerry computer connected to a JBL Speaker, a microphone, and an RGB LED to show when it is ready and listening. Smart Beats has only one button, to turn it on and off. Everything else is done by voice commands.

The AI software uses IBM Watson technology to understand the user's commands. It is connected to Uber, Twillio, Spotify, and Zé Delivery, a Brazilian retailer that delivers food and drinks. All functions were created to get people out of their comfort zone and have incredible nights.

Smart Beats is a new kind of virtual personal assistant, designed and programmed from scratch to communicate the brand's positioning: making people do something different every night.


Smart Beats was launched in April 2018, and after just one week, the project reached 34,5 million people, 11,2 million views on Facebook videos, 281K reactions on Facebook, 32K shares, and counting. More than 100K people have already subscripted to win a Smart Beats on the website, way more than expected for the first week.

Many news outlets reviewed Smart Beats, comparing it to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, including UOL, Terra and Huffpost, three of the biggest news webpages of Brazil, and also blogs and magazines specialized in technology, like Geek Publicitário and Tudo Celular.

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