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To get people to pay attention to their cars' turning circle and to try out the smart fortwo we offered them something that literally no one can resist: a free burger at a specially designed pop-up drive-thru called the 180° Burger. The snag: We tailored the turn between the order and the delivery counter to the exact size of the turning radius of the smart fortwo, thus any other car get stuck in the middle of the curve.

To still obtain their anticipated burger, we then offered the desperate drivers a test drive in the smart fortwo – this way not only helping them to satisfy their hunger but also making them try out the smart fortwo's record-breaking turning circle themselves.


On April 10th we opened the 180° Burger directly in the heart of Berlin, close to the well-frequented Alexanderplatz with its iconic TV tower. For a single day, every driver passing by could stop at our drive-thru to futilely try and get their free burger – to then get offered a test drive in a smart fortwo that helped them to collect their meal with ease. From footage shot during the day we created an online video that then was shared on all relevant social media channels to further advertise the turning circle of the smart fortwo to audiences of other metropolitan areas.


For a full day, the 180° Burger made people engage with the smart brand in a surprising and unseen way thanks to a pop-up drive-thru almost too small to be real – this way also reflecting the philosophy of the smart car in using only as much space as you really need. At the same time the burger effortlessly got people from our target group to try out the smart fortwo for themselves. As the campaign ran shortly before the entry deadlines we're happy to deliver further results once more data has been gathered.

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