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DDB STOCKHOLM, Stockholm / TELIA / 2011

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Streaming video is one of the most performance demanding things you can do with a mobile phone. If TELIA have the best coverage and performance in their net, they should be able to stream video from anywhere, right? So we started a nationwide scavenger hunt, using TELIA’s products and services as both an aid and the grand prize.

A Smartphone was mounted on a moving object, at a secret location somewhere in Sweden. As it moved, we had the phone’s camera broadcast a stream which you could follow on the campaign site or directly on your phone. Your task was to figure out where the phone was, and get to it first, to win it. We did this with one phone, on one new location, each day, for 15 days. It allowed us to show off our technical advantages while making it fun for people to engage with.


Our work for TELIA has consistently exceeded expectations and generated new sales and income. The perception of TELIA continues to shift. In a survey conducted after the campaign 17% of people saw TELIA as modern, progressive and youthful, compared to 9% earlier that year.The campaign site had approximately 100 000 engaged visitors who gladly spent time with the brand. The Smartphone Hunt was also a standing segment on a popular morning radio show, with over 1 million listeners across Sweden.In autumn 2010, when TELIA focused on its innovative smart phones, the sales targets were exceeded by 19%.

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