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Taking advantage of the Sobieski website redesign to create a unique territory that differentiates us from competitors (Absolut, Smirnoff, Grey Goose…) who have more notoriety and a larger budgets


Vodka is the simplest alcohol: no oak barrels, no 40 year-old thing. Yet, it’s one of the markets touting the most bullshit, always showing models, DJs, artists, fancy clubs… Sobieski vodka is sold at a reasonable price in corner shops. So we decides to rethink the brand’s website this way: no bullshit. Reshaping its different sections in a minimalist way: the composition, the cocktails and the history of Sobieski. And an interactive experience made to waste time playing with red cups and a ping pong ball… like at home


Our strategy was to turn our main weakness into an advantage by embracing our identity: a no bullshit low price vodka, only sold in corner shops or supermarkets.

Sobieski’s website is voluntarily minimalist, playing with the codes (composition, cocktails, history) and offering a simple experience that reflects what real people do at home with alcohol: throwing a ping pong ball into a red cup


45 tricks to achieve. Behind the no bullshit experience lies a lot of hard work: when rendering the cups and balls in 3D, our biggest challenge was the detection of our pre-define games (Cup tour, or pyramid with 3 to 6 cups, ball in the cup, with or without rebound etc.). We added sphere-shaped sensors at different spots on the cup, to read the object’s position, and to determine the alignment of two cups, collisions, and to recognise when the ball is inside the cup.

To make that experience even more realistic, real sounds of ping-pong balls and cups were recorded with spacial recognition to differentiate close and distant sounds


With + 560% of time spent by the users trying to achieve the 45 tricks, initially, this website was exclusively for the French and UK markets. But following its success, it’s been adapted for US, Poland, Brazil and Lithuania and now, it’s about to become the official international Sobieski’s website