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RABARBA, Istanbul / PEPSI / 2010

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Giving away free airtime credits was not enough to motivate housewives to participate in the promotion. We had to surprise them and motivate them for repeated participations.We picked Seda Sayan (Oprah Winfrey of Turkey) as the spokesperson and used her voice to surprise our target. Each time a housewife texted a unique code, she received a different IVR call from Seda. Housewives were shocked to hear Seda on the phone every time they participated. A ring-back-tone (RBT) announcing the promotion was also assigned to each participant’s phone. IVRs and RBTs changed everyday which helped to spread the word virally on mobile.


The new mobile campaign outperformed all previous Pepsi promotions:Pepsi received 16.2 million SMS in 12 weeks.On average over 200 thousand people participated everyday.3.2million unique consumers participated, doubling previous promotions.80% of all participants were first-timers, who haven’t joined any previous Pepsi promotions.For the first time, 63% of the participations came from family size products.Ring-back-tone was listened to 21 million times!Campaign achieved overall 5% increase in market share and received 2 MMA Global Awards for Mobile Innovation / Creativity.

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