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CAMISA 10, Rio De Janeiro / FQM MELORA / 2018

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In order to increase the prescription of Exímia Fortalize and help patients with cancer, we created the Solidarity Haircuts.

A campaign that brought together the best hairstylists in Brazil to create new and original short haircuts to encourage people to donate hair.

Each haircut was named after a person who was fighting cancer.

We also created a catalogue with all these haircuts and distributed it to beauty salons and influencers around the country, so it could be a reference for potential donors.


With the campaign launched, we called celebrities and other influencers to participate (many volunteered themselves). They increased significantly the action, by posting their haircuts and tributes on social media.

All the photos and stories of the tributes went to a website specially created for the campaign and that had the catalogue in focus to inspire who wanted to donate.

Many actions and events were also planned for the Pink October, such as Cristo Rosa, a special lighting that made the Christ Redeemer in Rio, pink. Another example was an event at the traditional Copacabana Palace Hotel, with the presence of celebrities, authorities and patients helped by the campaign.

In addition, companies and brands spontaneously joined the cause, such as Rio's subway, that made an exhibition with solidarity sections in its main stations. And Grendene, one of the main brands of the country, which created an exclusive slippers of the campaign.


The campaign brought relevant results for both the cause and the brand:

- An increase of more than 2.000% in hair donations.

- More than 120 million people impacted.

- Reached US$ 13.6 milhões in earned media.

- An increase of 37% in Eximia Fortalize prescriptions.

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