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BRUCE MAU DESIGN, Toronto / SONOS / 2015

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Given the long relationship between ourselves and Sonos, the re-launch of this new visual identity came with years of mutual understanding. The arrival of a new VP Brand Design, a quick brand book project, as well as a renewed brand articulation helped set the stage for a collaborative design process. Inspirational imagery shares and quick sketches helped define shared design principles. These principles informed the work and helped focus the team as different sketch tools came into play including animation and Polycode programming.

Continued work with Sonos even as we were creating the visual identity also helped inform the work as Sonos continued to grow and develop. For instance, a key development was a greater focus on Sonos Studio, a gallery space in Los Angeles that hosts concerts, exhibitions, workshops, etc. The team worked on the Studio year book and brought to light a collection of relevant music imagery that could be incorporated into Sonos brand communications.


Sonos is now armed with a tangible, sensory, exciting visual identity that distinguishes it as a brand – especially within the context of consumer electronics. By shifting emphasis from technology to experience, we can speak more easily with our key audience – modern music lovers – about the things that excite music lovers.

Externally, Sonos is now seen as a product, brand design and experience leader, approaching 1 billion dollars in revenue. Internally, many of the touch points for the new identity extend within the walls of the company allowing that excitement to drive morale and culture. Designed with adaptation in mind, mixing and remixing the identity tools contributes to the creativity and growth of the brand look and feel. They are predicting to grow from 1000 to 1500 employees in the next few years.

Upon launching, the new Sonos visual identity went viral, outperforming even some of their most visible advertising, with over 40,000 Twitter mentions in the first day. Picked up by the design community, tech and business worlds, we see the buzz around this new perspective continue to grow.

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