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FCB NEW ZEALAND, Auckland / SONY / 2015


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Promotional elements included:

- Press ads, mobile banners, and online banners/homepage takeovers encouraging photography enthusiasts to enter the draw to win 1 of 4 Sony _6000s, then use it to shoot a major sporting event from the sideline, and have their photos published in the sports section of New Zealand's leading newspaper for millions to see.

- These ads directed them to an interactive online game, in which entrants had to “take a photo” of fast moving sporting action to complete their entry.

- During the events we sent the winner's photos in realtime to live updating banners using the _6000's built in WiFi.

- The Monday following the events, the New Zealand Herald's sports section was completely taken over by the Sony _6000. With the photos being supplied by our rookie winners, not their usual professionals. A first in the paper's 151-year history, and the ultimate showcase of the _6000's photographic pedigree.


Using an in-banner game we recruited four rookie photographers, then sent them to the sidelines of some of NZ’s biggest domestic sporting events.

During the events their photos were streamed into live updating banners and an online gallery, where the paper’s editors made their selects.

Then in the paper’s full circulation, the Sports section featured our amateur’s photos as genuine editorial, positioned alongside each story. The only sign they weren't professionally shot was a breakout box referencing the name and occupation of the photographer.

A final spread the following Friday told the full story, showcasing the published pictures again.


Using a major newspaper’s photographic credibility to prove a camera’s capability was a totally new way for a consumer durables brand to go to market. Our direct campaign successfully moved aspiring photographers’ perceived need for a DSLR squarely towards the compact ?6000. By showing that even in the hands of amateurs like themselves, it could take professional quality photographs, even in the toughest conditions.


• Sony’s market share increased from 35% to 61% (a 74% increase)

• The weekly Sales Index for the ?6000 model (100 = annual average) improved from 66 (34% under average) the week before our campaign started, to 132 the week after our campaign.

• Visits to ?6000 webpage increased 240% during campaign period

• Our idea was the only communication in market

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