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Soulfaces - People behind details

FOCCHI SPA, Poggio Torriana / FOCCHI GROUP / 2022

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“It’s a family”.

We asked our employees to describe Focchi in a sentence and when we heard this answer, we knew we hit the nail on the head.

The idea of a brand film came on a straight internal collaboration between the Communication Department and the HR Department, to fulfill three corporate strategic goals:

• increasing our employees’ commitment and the acquisition of new talents,

• creating an innovative way of sharing moments with employees' families, as the pandemic does not allow to organize traditional events in person,

• consolidating the brand Focchi among suppliers, existing and new clients, and sharing with them our approach to design, while showing the importance and the complexity of the projects we are involved in.

We interviewed our colleagues asking them to tell us an anecdote about their work or the project they were involved in and then, the screenplay was already written.


The corporate documentary helped build emotional bonds with our target audiences.

It returned authenticity and reliability to the storytelling and the brand. Using our staff to tell the story saved us time (and money).

The staff felt involved by stimulating a sense of belonging. It has converted the passion for work into a powerful marketing tool.

WE GO TO THE MOON - We leave home at 07:15 AM

A mission every day.

Every day the activity of all workers is driven by a greater purpose. The circularity of excellence is built up day by day thanks to the effort of these people.

Focchi spirit is a humanism that presses from below, in which the gaze of “the Dukes of Urbino” is reversed.

The infinitely large is constituted by the infinitely small. The excellence of the territory and its inhabitants makes it possible for the great contemporary cathedrals to be built.


Casting is the result of the internal survey. About 30 interviews made allowed us to identify the protagonists of SoulFaces.

The film brand is intended for a diversified audience. On the one hand, the contents are intended for people who work within the company with the strategic intention of making the entire personnel aware of the contribution that each department gives to achieve a common goal.

On the other hand, thanks to the simplified register of testimonies, the film aims to make complex issues understandable also to other selected stakeholders. The leitmotiv that characterized the auditions was: "Tell it as a father would tell his children".

The empathic tone used aims to capture the attention of a varied audience. The humanity with which professionals talk about their work goes beyond the specificity of the topics, touching chords that make the narrative understandable to everyone.


Duration of the shoot: 3 months

Start of the shoot: 1st of September 2021

Première: 7th of December 2021

Placement Live event + streaming + social media distribution



2.5k unique views

The film screening event was remarkably successful, managing to involve 100% of the internal workforce and their families.

Excellent feedback also from external collaborators and stakeholders.

More than 2.500 unique views from around the world of web streaming were measured during the Première.