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SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / BMW / 2014

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Besides bringing joy, the goal of the Christmas mailing was to demonstrate BMW’s innovative power as well as to strengthen customer relations with the BMW brand and dealerships.

The concept needed to provide a platform for the current 2013 models and, in addition, offer a taste of some new 2014 BMW models. Moreover, the direct mailing had to appeal to an absolutely heterogeneous target group.


The BMW soundtrees did not only manage to combine sheer driving pleasure and the Christmas theme, but also fulfilled all other requirements of the brief in one strikingly simple, yet surprising idea.

The Soundtrees created promoted upcoming BMW models in a joyful, Christmas befitting, share-friendly and highly innovative way, speaking for the progressivity of BMW.

On top, they generated additional test-drives during holiday season, as all drivers received a three-dimensional “souvenir” of the engine sound from the model they had tested.

Besides, the 3D trees of BMW engine sounds lay the foundation for the first brand-appropriate and sustainable Christmas decoration.


Between 16 December 2013 and 8 January 2014, the microsite received 12,500 visits and 7,500 soundtrees were created.

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