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Our idea was simple. We'd show Australia soup wasn't just for wintery nights. It was a food for all occasions. Our campaign line was straight to the point. Whatever life throws at you, "We've got a soup for that." To convince Aussies soup was much more than warm comfort food they thought it was, we would need to do more than just tell them. In fact we'd need to show them why, in context. It just so happened that Google had a beta they wanted to test. Using their new ‘Vogon’ platform, in an Australian first, we dynamically embed headlines into pre-roll videos creating individual versions that related to our audience’s YouTube searches. For example, if you searched for Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' we’d serve a pre-roll saying "Cooking for one? We've got a soup for that." Instead of one reason to eat soup, we gave Australia over 1,700.


Having kicked off with a month of nation wide TV and OOH to raise awareness of the 'We've Got a Soup for That' platform, the YouTube campaign rolled out over four weeks.

Based on YouTube's most searched categories and channels, we wrote countless headlines to match what people were watching and remind them of Campbell’s Soup. The headlines were then dynamically composited into a pre-roll video in real-time.

We also monitored social media and Google's real-time data throughout the campaign, identifying, on a daily basis, topical opportunities for new headlines. We jumped on the world’s most trending topics, including BREXIT, the U.S. Presidential Race and Pokémon Go, driving our message home in moments of increased relevance in order to truly modernize the brand. Over the four weeks our highly contextual messaging amassed almost 2 million impressions.


With a mission to reframe how a low-interest category like soup directly connects with people, and re-establish Campbell’s Soup’s cultural relevance, the campaign was a success. Over four weeks, more than 1 million people were reminded of the untold occasions and nourishing benefits of Campbell’s Soup. We landed over 1.9 million impressions, with a video view rate of 92.86%, and the campaign achieved a 24.7% lift in Ad Recall and a 6.9% lift in Brand Awareness for Campbell's Soup.

Best of all, there was a 55.6% increase in sales compared to 2015 with an additional study showing at least a 23% increase in sales being directly attributable to the advertising campaign - despite being beaten on price.

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