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FCB BRASIL , Sao Paulo / CNA / 2015


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CNA is one of Brazil's biggest language schools and focuses on providing an amazing journey through the whole learning experience. That's why it needed a new way to give their students the chance to practice with native English speakers. But how could they do it without the need to travel abroad? We came up with a simple solution. Speaking Exchange is a learning platform that connects Brazilian students with the people who want to talk the most: american senior citizens living in retirement homes. The Skype conversations were reviewed and corrected by CNA's teachers.

The idea was cheap and simple as that. But for it to work, it had to be spread way beyond CNA's students. It had to draw the attention of the retirement institutions in other English speaking countries.

We set up a pilot experience with students from São Paulo and senior citizens in Chicago. The video we made proved so powerful and inspiring that it immediately went viral. Investing only in the platform's development and not a single extra penny, CNA became news in Brazil and other countries, taking social and traditional medias by storm.


CNA's Speaking Exchange was launched as a pilot project in one of CNA's schools. The first experience was turned into a video that we posted online on YouTube and CNA's brand channels on social medias with ZERO investment on media. In just a few days, relying only on organic views, it reached more than 1 million YouTube views, as well extensive media coverage both in Brazil and over the world.

It also caught the attention of CNA's franchisers interested on implementing the tool in their schools and care institutions all over the world willing to take part in the conversations.


• Speaking Exchange is a permanent program for CNA students;

• Extensive media coverage both in Brazil and other countries;

• More than 1 million organic YouTube views with zero media investment.

• An aprox.1,000% increase in fan interactions with CNA's Facebook only a few days after the launching.

• An investment of U$10,000 that generated a ROI of over 380%.

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