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Salomon was launching the Speedverse, a sportswear declination of their iconic trail shoe: the Speedcross. We needed to develop the creative territory that would translate the essence of this brand new shoe and pay homage to the technical and performance heritage of Salomon, while being desirable for a whole new audience of sneakers fans, not necessarily aware of the brand.


The anchor of the film is the choreography. It is through dance and cleverly animated transitions that we managed to give the effect of teleportation from one universe to another.

Our goal was to sublimate the dancer in every landscape, to show the shoe’s versatility and lightness.

The locations were chosen with great care to create contrast between the scenes, between black and white mountains, the plain horizon of the sea and the crowded cityscape.

A third hybrid universe emerges in flashes, and rises frenetically, creating the junction between the city and nature, visually intertwined. This abstract space reveals the dancer's body in a digital, primitive, immaterial form.

As the film progresses, the choreography intensifies, the transitions speed up.

The dancer ends up interacting with the elements of the different universes and mixes them together to create her own world. The Speedverse.


Our film contributed to set up the creative pillars for Salomon Sportstyle category and helped the brand to build the universe for such a unique product. On social media, our film and derivated assets received a general positive appreciation from brand consumers and lovers. Also, we had the change to be featured in prestigious online magazines dedicated to ad direction : Directors’ Library, Shots, etc. Overall, this asset and the pretty new execution for Salomon execution got pretty enthusiastic reaction.

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