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With 8.6 million cars in the streets, São Paulo has one of the most intense and chaotic traffic in the world, placing urban mobility as a central issue. The metropolis is home to 12.2 million people, which lose almost 2 hours on average to go and come back from work every day. Not to mention the pollution produced by so many cars and buses.

In recent years, cycling has proved to be an important element in resolving this issue, especially with the popularization of bicycle paths and population awareness. But the geographic question is a factor that hinders the lives of potential cyclists, since at least 30% of the streets in the city have ups and downs, some of them reaching an incredible 45 degrees of inclination.

The objective was to offer not only a solution, but also a real benefit for the potencial clients (and make it really clear).


To solve the problem, E-Moving, one of the leading Brazilian companies focused on urban mobility through electric bikes, has launched "Steep Discount" project. Using topography information in the everyday path of each individual, the company offers large discounts for the purchase of eletric bicycles, making them cheaper and easier to tackle the steepest climbs in the city, and encouraging people to use the bike definitively and effectively as a transportation option.


The agency has developed an algorithm that, through the zip code from home and work of each participant, monitored the geographic and altimetry differences in the way using data from Google Maps. The system was inserted directly at the hotsite (, in portuguese), calculating the customer's real needs to have an electric bike. Based and depending on the variation of height and amount of climbs on the way, the system has offered discounts that could reach 35% off on the final bike's prices.


The message was communicated by a pool of media channels and executions. Using geolocalization, we delivered push notifications for regular bike users located in high altitude places. We also did the same in social media banners, offering the steep discount and inviting them to acess the hotsite. The same idea was applied for digital out of home media such bus shelters and street clocks. Each of them showed what discount would be offered for someone that needs to cycle around that altitude, varying from each push, banner or OOH piece location.


In only one month, the campaign site received more than 1,000 unique visitors per day, using their own data to check for discounts. Once that the e-commerce is estimated to grow 19% in Brazil in 2019 (according to ABComm, Brazilian E-Commerce Association), E-Moving bike sells has grown 40% in the first 30 days of campaign. Before the campaign, 90% of our revenue share was from rental of bikes and only 10% of sales. After the first month, the equation became 65% leasing, our historical main business model, and 35% coming from the definitive sales.