Cannes Lions


SUZUKI, Sao Paulo / SUZUKI / 2013

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Being a new and small local agency, to compete for new client's attention against bigger Brazilian and Global agencies. And do it not only for a short while, but as enduring as possible.


Stickers are collectable. Most people do it for a long time and some even do it compulsively. At first, the agency sent the empty albums and a few packs of stickers. Some packs also came with "surprizes" such as shows, plays and movie tickets. This was a cheap way to make a big noise.


Week after week, packs of stickers were continuously sent to clients, prospects, service providers and even other BIG agencies. Most of them phone called at least once asking for more stickers. It was a "fever". In this way, the agency's portfolio became well known, most often spoken and many times suggested to others. Agency results: in 3 months, six "spontaneously conquered" new clients and 27% revenue growth.

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