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Soundtrap was about to launch an online production tool, making it easy for podcasters to record and edit.

The brief was to create a new PR idea that generated buzz and awareness about the new audio production software tool among the community of podcasters as well as to gain an earned media reach of 3 million.


To launch this new production tool, and to become a natural part of the growing podcast community, we founded Stockholm Institute of Storytelling – the first school of its kind, giving good podcasters the chance to become great.

During its first year, 30 students were admitted to the masterclass of their lifetime, featuring Sweden’s most celebrated podcasters as tutors. In addition to exclusive IRL classes, the students were given individual performance reviews by their podcasting idols, school merch, a graduation dinner, a free trial version of the Soundtrap for Storytellers software and much more.


Podcasting is no longer the DIY movement it was – it has in recent years become big business, demanding more professional productions. But the majority of podcasters are amateurs or semi-professionals. And they all have an urge to become better at their craft in order to become successful. This group also long for a community where they can meet and exchange experiences, challenges and tips with one another.

The strategy was to let Soundtrap help good podcasters to become great, as well as provide them with the community they longed for. Key message: Soundtrap is your one-stop-shop for podcasting

The school was the main element of the campaign. In order to get people to apply we used sponsored segments in a wide range of podcasts. To reach a broader audience and create earned buzz around the campaign, we did a media outreach and launched online lessons in Soundtrap's own channels.


Starting in April, the first step was to identify credible and well-known podcasters that could shoulder the role as tutors and be appealing to the target group. We then created a curriculum and lessons together with the tutors, a school website and merchandise. In order to get people to apply, we let the tutors as well as additional podcasters spread the word through sponsored podcast segments. Applications were made by submitting an episode of your podcast + a cover letter. Out of hundreds of applications, 30 students were admitted.In parallel to the application period, we kickstarted the PR-machinery. Prior to the launch, we contacted top tier media outlets under embargo, offering them interviews. On the day of the launch we did a broad media outreach. The school took place in June. Exclusive lectures and individual performance reviews were appreciated features. For those who didn’t get admitted, we launched online lessons.


The media response was great and included coverage in a wide spread of media segments and in-depth interviews in top tier media outlets. The campaign also generated massive buzz in social media reaching the desired community. All in all, we doubled the PR goals and received a word of mouth-effect within a niche community of podcast creators.

PR reach (print and online): 6 013 760

Social Media reach: 138 146

Sponsored posts impressions (Instagram): 1 097 013

As anticipated in the research phase, the Swedish podcasters were thirsting for a community. After graduation, the new-found relationships within the community have lived on organically.