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DENTSU ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / DENTSU / 2016

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Every day, people spend millions of hours in a mobile addicted life.

Every single day, they share trends, pictures, videos and stream more than 20 billion hours of songs… LONELY! Disconnected from their real friends, from life´s real moments.


We used our “Operating Model” and thanks to DENTSU Argentina as the Creative

Agency and an outside agency as an Innovation Lab, we developed #StonesJukebox, the

World´s 1st Social Jukebox! We started out for a great Social Experiment to demonstrate to people and the world that moments are better when shared together thanks to the same technology that´s isolating them.

With just a social post instead of a coin, people can start the jukebox! Without installing any Apps, with a simple post on “Instagram” & “Twitter” using a Hashtag (#) and a Song Name they can start a playlist over “Spotify” and instantly play music LIVE for everyone!


Our #StonesJukebox was kicked off at Porto Alegre, Brazil on March 2, 2016, as part of a Branded Entertainment Experience on board a Yellow Hummer with Big Speakers, great sound and Rock Promoters, to be able to move freely about the city. We went to the hotel were the Band was staying and then to several key city points to start making noise with respect to the action.

Then, we parked our #StonesJukebox Hummer on the way to the Stadium, just next to the Food Trucks, the last stop before entering the Show. We invited people to musicalize and share their moments with the World´s 1st Jukebox allowing them to stream Rolling Stones songs from multiple mobile devices at the same time without any App or linking to WiFi / Bluetooth connections.


#StonesJukebox is a Brand Commerce Product developed between DENTSU & ISOBAR to test Dentsu Aegis Network´s “Operating Model” and demonstrate that together is always better.

#StonesJukebox tracks the whole user engagement funnel driving to Rolling Stones

e-Commerce, offering entertainment and also performance in an EARNED way.


+60,000 impressions in 6 hours

+18,000 viral mentions

7,368 moments shared

817 users interacting with the Jukebox (Brown Sugar most streamed song)

135 songs played

57 Conversions to Rolling Stones e-commerce

Free TV & Radio Press Coverage by “Rede O Globo” and “Radio Gaúcha”

Re-Tweeted with Happiness by Lisa Fischer (Rolling Stones female voice).

After all this, we presented the Social Experiment at Dentsu Aegis Network´s Summit

@Rio2016 as a Best Practice and a result of agile and collaborative work thanks to the

“Operating Model”.

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