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Stop the Spread

LOVED, Hamburg / LOVED GMBH / 2021

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The Corona pandemic was the dominant issue worldwide in 2020. Every company

faced the challenge of adapting to the current situation quickly and efficiently. This was especially true for the cooperation in the office. As part of an internal project, measures to protect employees against COVID-19 were to be translated into effective communication.


To get everyone involved, the agency and its creative staff decided to speak in their favorite language: contemporary design. From this, the team developed a communication concept for different areas in the office related to the implementation of hygiene measures.


Four motifs were developed, which were used on all prevention products: Posters, mouth-nose protection masks, distance bands, disinfectant dispensers and last but not least the screensavers of all employees. The design of the motifs goes beyond the agency groups corporate identity. The illustrations show different situations in the day-to-day life of employees – and intensify them. This is to highlight the urgency of the threatening medical situation, which inspired the overall look of the design: surreal and oppressive, yet appealing. It shows dark, grotesque human figures. Abstracted viruses are spread across the whole format. The colors refer to the pandemics common color code. The motifs are accompanied typographically by references to the most important hygiene regulations.


The agency shares its COVID-19 design and materials beyond its own boundaries, making a small contribution to the fight against the virus best to its own capabilities. The whole concept served the employees both as practical help and mental support. The company’s medical department approved the overall implementation as a highly effective safety concept. This is confirmed by the agency’s internal infection figures by the end of April 2021: 0.