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DEUTSCH LA, Los Angeles / DR. PEPPER / 2023







Dr Pepper has a track record of launching hit flavor after hit flavor, and this next innovation would be no different: Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream. With layers of unique Dr Pepper, refreshing strawberry, and a smooth creamy finish swirled together, it’s a one-of-kind treat.

The Carbonated Soft Drink category in the United States is an innovation battleground—full of limited-time offers and attention-grabbing flavors. These exciting new products drive trial, but they create an outrageously competitive landscape.

But in a category that has innovated on every flavor imaginable, strawberry was noticeably missing. A blindspot among our competitors turned into a massive opportunity for Dr Pepper. One that needed to be revealed to the world in a breakthrough way to capture the attention of variety-seeking GenZennials.


Flavor Pioneers was shot with anamorphic lenses and filmed on a 360-degree set—allowing the world to feel dynamic and cinematic. The structures built in the field helped paint a picture of how long this group of devoted flavor pioneers had been searching for the new flavor.

The wardrobe and prop choices for each character quickly telegraphed their personalities. The wardrobe pieces, as well as the tents, were dyed various shades of pink and maroon to further emphasize the pioneers’ devotion. The brand and product were organically woven in—from the banjo to the madam’s crocheted quilt.

A layer of dust coated everything but the cans of Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream—resulting in a color contrast that made the product glow. When coloring the film, we used a saturated blue sky against a more muted landscape—using the western movie genre as our North Star.

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