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SID LEE, Montreal / RENO-DEPOT / 2017

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The goal was simple. We had to promote the SICO paint product line and its plethora of colours at Reno-Depot, so we stripped down a regular bus shelter and replaced the ad space with a custom-built sensor that paired colours captured in real time with a colour from SICO’s paint line—showcasing SICO’s world of colours for everyone at the bus stop.


The concept was simple. We cleared out the ad space in a bus shelter to install a custom sensor that would detect real-life colours and identify their SICO paint matches. Inside, people could see all the colours the sensor was picking up in front of them (shirts of passersby, buses, etc.) and their SICO paint matches. We chose a busy intersection with a lot of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic. For a whole day, people were able to interact with the sensor and find inspiration in a world of colours.


The location was key. We wanted a high traffic area where the sensor would pick up a variety of colours. With about 15,500 daily users, the bus shelter we found was the perfect location.

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