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The brand needed a rallying cry to amplify its strengths: efficacy, history, safety profile, patient experiences, and the extraordinary MS LifeLines support program. We would reignite the Rebif brand with “Strength in Numbers.”

“Strength in Numbers” was the idea that drove the campaign. Not only did Rebif have the “numbers” (or data) to prove their safety and efficacy, MS LifeLines had the “numbers” (or people) to supply the support. Together, these helped give people the security they so desperately wanted in the face of an unpredictable disease.

We knew that the “Strength in Numbers” campaign would let people know that whether they were in the early stages of their diagnosis or if they’ve been living with MS for years, when it comes to Rebif and MS LifeLines, there’s strength in numbers.


Not many pharma companies can say they placed “social” at the heart of their campaign. But Rebif can. The fact that we included our social media community as part of part the conversation was groundbreaking. We encouraged people on Facebook to voice themselves on our posts, expressing a full range of emotions. And the people of MS LifeLines, Rebif’s patient support program, were there to respond. This was a first for a pharma brand in this category.

Videos on Facebook and our YouTube Channel featured testimonials and stories of wisdom from Rebif patients and the people of MS Lifelines. People watched, engaged, shared and commented on our posts like never before. We changed the rules for pharma in social media by inviting thousands of people from the MS community into dozens of engaging conversations.


“Strength in Numbers” started as a campaign, but grew into something more. Our digital ecosystem does more than deliver campaign messages. By driving emotional engagement, we’re actually building strength in numbers.

In 2015, sales of Rebif began to trend upwards once again. In fact, it became the No. 1 injectable interferon for relapsing MS for patients new to therapy. Because of the connection to MS LifeLines, people on Rebif have become more emotionally invested in the brand and they are spreading the word.

In 2015:

• Each post was seen by an average of 12,000 people

• Over 152K people have liked the MS LifeLines Facebook Page

• Everyday our page content is seen by an average of 221,000 people

• Everyday our page posts are seen by an average of 4,000 people

• The MS LifeLines Facebook Page generated 14.7 million total impressions

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