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Strong Girls

OGILVY BRASIL, Sao Paulo / NESTLE / 2017


1 Bronze Cannes Lions
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The film shows how participating in sport helps girls grow up into strong, confident women. It features a number of stories that cover two distinct time frames: the present, in which we see an adult woman going through a situation that demands assertiveness and courage, and the past, depicting a memory from her own childhood or teenage years. In both situations, the protagonist is faced with what she herself regards as her great challenge. And, to overcome these tensions, she resorts to the power of sport. The spot ends with the words: "As sport turns boys into men, it turns girls into women."


#StrongGirls movement was led by a provocative 90 seconds’ film that shows different women overcoming tough circumstances using what they have learned with sports. We also had 5 small edits focused on each situation.

The situations were defined via Facebook Insights, that pointed sexual and moral arrestment, sexism, cyberbullying and racial prejudice as the main problems Brazilian women face everyday.

In the social platforms, the campaign was segmented in specific targets, accordingly to the interest with the problem presented in our films: women, mother, girl’s father, sports, swimming, prejudice, and empowering, for example.

To heat the dialogue, an intense responding strategy was implemented. At the same time, key influencers, like the golden medal judo athlete Rafaela Silva, shared the film and their own personal perspective of the #StrongGirls message.

#StrongGirls resonated deeply within people’s heart, provoking them to rethink and discuss their perceptions around gender equality in sports.


#StrongGirls started a positive and effective conversation around gender equality:

• 98% Response Rate

• 18.389.334 People Reached

• 87.208.739 Facebook impressions

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