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As the second largest economy in the world, China is supported by diligent office workers. However the high intensity and fast-paced way of life, office workers have no choice but to choose fast-food or takeaway which are poor diet food. That lead many of them suffer from various different illnesses due to malnutrition. Also with no habit of taking health supplements and a general lack of awareness in China – people believe that not being sick equates to being healthy

Centrum want help more people to improve their health condition, at the same time, help the consumer to understand Centrum's mission as well as their social responsibility and to kick-start people's awareness around healthy living as well as improving brand image and favorability. So we decided to leverage Chinese eating habits – chopsticks to provide 'Chinese-style' nutritional support experience.


Intense and fast paced way of life mean that China's office workers have no option but to choose fast-food or takeaway. In conjunction with the fact that few people take health supplements, malnutrition is gradually eroding away their health, yet Chinese people still believe as long as they are not actually sick that equates to being healthy.

In order to bring about Chinese-style nutrition, Centrum decided to make use of the humble chopstick and we invented a pair of edible nutritional chopsticks. Without visibly trying to bolster people's habit of taking health supplements, through the innovation, we ensured that every consumer could effortlessly get all the nutrients they need by simply using these chopsticks when eating their regular meals.

In collaboration with major canteens, fast-food restaurants and take away platforms; we distributed these chopsticks for free to ensure that every meal at the office work have the power of nutrition.


Leverage Chinese eating habits to create a Chinese-style of nutrition.

In confronting the various health issues that come with China's office workers eating fast-food and not taking health supplements, we partnered with Centrum to invent a pair of nutritional chopsticks.

We didn't have to purposefully try and cultivate a habit of taking health supplements in our consumers, but instead, through using chopsticks which are an essential part to every meal in China, we integrated nutrition into people's everyday lives, whilst also kick-starting their health awareness.

We collaborated with major canteens and fast-food restaurants to distribute the chopsticks for free, as well as partnering with various takeaway platforms who helped to bring these chopsticks to even more people; continuing to reinforce heath awareness, as well as improving brand awareness and favorability among consumers.


The top of Centrum’s nutritional chopsticks are made using a whole multivitamin tablet, which is dissolved and absorbed as people eat. The body of the chopstick is made from 100% corn starch, and the ends of the chopstick has all the nutrients it contains written in a Chinese calligraphy design.

Starting from the 1st of September 2019, we began distributing Centrum’s nutritional chopsticks to office workers in different business districts for free. At the same time, we collaborated with various takeaway platforms to bring these chopsticks to the public. In ensuring each and every person in China is strong and healthy, we can guarantee the future sustainable development of the country.

As of the 30th November 2019, we had distributed more than 3 million pairs of chopsticks across 14 cities. The body of the chopstick is entirely made from environmentally friendly materials which contributes to preserving our valuable forest resources.


This innovation is a completely novel way in which to take health supplements as it is simply incorporated into your regular meals. We hope that we can bring this innovative way of supplementing nutrition to other regions, as this product could be made into other cutlery like spoons or forks.

This innovation in product shape; form; and usage, breaks the barriers between Chinese consumers and healthcare products as well as driving development of healthcare products in the future. Centrum successfully disseminated product information through clever design, thereby kick-starting consumers health awareness, improving Centrum's brand image and favourability as well as conveying the brand's mission and social responsibility.

The favorability of Centrum Brand also improved significantly during the quarter. Brand purchase preferences increased by 30%, online search volume of the brand rosen by 340%,and the sales volume of Centrum multivitamin increased by 230%.

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