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Subway believes no-one should ever go hungry, so we created a movement to fight world hunger and launched the first ever World Sandwich Day on November 3, 2017. We partnered with charities and for every Sub sold, we donated a free meal. But with only one day to activate, creating immediate momentum around the world was vital.

Using a live API, we scrapped data from point-of-sale devices at Subway restaurants, and used dynamic data visualization to display a live tally of the number of meals we were donating. The Subway Live Feed digital ticker was displayed in real time in store, on social, via digital and on dynamic OOH.

Visualizing the live data created a Mexican wave of conscious consumption. In just one day, in more than 40,000 restaurants, in over 60 countries, we increased global sales by 20% and gave away 13.3 million free meals to people in need.


The Subway Live Feed took place on World Sandwich Day. We had just one day to activate across 40,000 restaurants in over 60 countries, so creating mass momentum in Australia and New Zealand before Subway’s biggest markets (US and Canada) woke on November 3 was vital.

We leveraged live data to create excitement a sense of immediacy and social buzz. The Live Feed used a live API sourced from point-of-sale devices at Subway restaurants and shared it using dynamic data visualisation so customers could see a live tally of the number of meals we were giving to charity in real time.

Each sub was tracked and the Live Feed digital ticker was displayed in real time in store, on social, via digital and on dynamic outdoor sites in locations close to Subway restaurants, including a billboard at Times Square, to spread news of the activation around the globe.


Subway Live Feed spoke to the hearts and wallets of Australians. We well exceeded our goal of 5% increase in sales and traffic YOY.

In just one day, sales in New Zealand increased by 80%, Australian sales increased by 28%, and most importantly, we made a difference in the fight against hunger, donating over 13 million meals worldwide.

In Australia alone, we drove:

• 30% traffic increase YOY

• 25% sales increase YOY

• 95% increase in subs sold YOY

• 50% increase in profit YOY

News outlets and influencers picked up the campaign, celebrating Subway as a brand ‘fighting hunger’ and encouraging Australians to do their part, with a reach of 8.3 million impressions. Social buzz about the brand was the highest on World Sandwich Day than any other day as people took to our owned social channels to express excitement and post themselves participating in the Live Feed.

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