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Success Case "Doritos Rainbow"

3RD EYE FILMS, Mexico City / PEPSICO / 2017

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*Creative Idea: To achieve this, we generated a campaign plan spanning digital, public relations, OOH and internal communications. We also had the support of several influencers, who participated opening conversation lines via social media. In addition our presence at the Pride parade in Mexico City was particularly memorable.


*Implementation: Trough a digital campaign at our Social Media with influencers and a Canvas and at the LGBT parade *TimeLine: Prelaunch Date: with Influencers (May 23-31) , Launch Date: Always On content at FB and Twitter and a Canvas. (June 06-30) *Placement: The product was sold exclusively at WALMART, as a special limited product. *Scale: National Campaign. (All Walmarts in Mexico).


*Reach: More than 70,000 mentions across social media, and through a Facebook canvas, users had the opportunity to join the cause supporting our manifesto. With the pattern in the media, 210,151,733 impressions were generated and 97% of the potential audience (17,500,000) was impacted.*Engagement: #DoritosRainbow became a trending topic for 3 days straight. *Impact: Messages of support for our initiative flowed in, praising the overwhelming response we gave to those in disagreement with equality and diversity. *Sales: 48% of the product was sold in the first 7 days, and we increased to a +0.7% market share in the savory category and a 3.2% market share in the tortilla category. All of the profits were shared between the different organizations that supported us. *Achievement: All of these actions helped us to raise our voice in favor of diversity, spreading the message of equality like no brand has ever done before.

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