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JWT LONDON, London / SUNSILK / 2011

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Sunsilk has brought the world of fashion, beauty and celebrity closer to its consumers by creating ranges with the world’s leading celebrity hair experts.But how do you bring the personal touch of these experts to millions of women rather than just a handful of celebrities?To us the answer was simple - Allow everyone to become a celebrity with ZtoA.The world’s first true measure of your fame on Facebook - Are you an unknown Z lister or a glittering A-list superstar?


All our girls had to do to find out was install the App and our celebrity algorithm cleverly analyzed everything they did on Facebook.

We found out how many friends they had, how many photos they were tagged in, how often they’re posts were liked and commented on plus a few more magical fame factors.This gave them a place on the list. Instantly they were able to see how they ranked against both their friends and everyone else.Everything our girls did on Facebook and life for that matter contributed to their score – we thus created a game out of their life.As they climbed the list by being more popular and active on Facebook they could enjoy some of the perks of fame that real celebrities could expect…From Sunsilk products to must have fashions and VIP experiences - our A-listers could literally become celebrities on the red carpet.


To get our girls playing, we advertised on facebook, fashion blogs and glossies, but it’s our girls word of mouth that’s really made us famous – with 750,000 joining our group and thousands more joining everyday.So not only have we developed a long-term property around our girls' appetite for gossip, fashion and fame – but we have discovered the most social girls to buzz Sunsilk and given them perks to enjoy, share and talk about. In turn, creating waves of earned media and a powerful group of brand advocates.After the success of our launch in the Phillipines, the platform is now being adapted for Russia, Turkey, Greece and Brazil.Now that our girls are making ZtoA famous we are hotly awaiting our first A lister – who knows where her fame will take her? Although we know for sure she will have fame and exposure amongst her peers as we launch her across the platform.

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