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AERAS, Rockville / AERAS / 2015







Susheela wanted to be a banker. But her father, who won a childhood battle with infectious disease, wanted his daughter to become a nurse and work at the institution that saved his life. At one of India’s most prominent hospitals, in a nation ravaged by tuberculosis (TB), Susheela became the first known healthcare worker to die of an extensively drug-resistant version of the disease, XDR-TB.

While this tragedy became a catalyst for change, Susheela’s story goes beyond the usual data and statistics of a global health crisis. Her story, and the “TB Unmasked” campaign, reveals the impact of TB on the healthcare professional community and beyond, inspiring us to do more in our fight against the world’s second-leading infectious disease killer. Susheela shows us how those dedicated to caring for others deserve to be protected from the devastation of TB.