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TBWA\PARIS, Boulogne-Billancourt / MCDONALD'S FRANCE / 2018







The campaign surfs on a very meaningful insight: Nowadays, screens are a dead end to relationships. Lolcats, videogames, works, social media, …, many reasons not to enjoy the company of others.

In the campaign screens are singing and crying for their owners to come back. They’re useless, they’re meaningless. Cuts reveal that their owners are all having a wonderful time at McDonald’s. Laughing out loud, getting crazy and joking all together.

Adapted from the song of Bonnie Tyler “Total eclipse of the heart”, the TVC became the anthem of togetherness at McDonalds and a true reflexion of pop culture.


Broadcast on TV from the 20th of November till the 17th of December 2017.

TV Channels :TF1 group Channels, Canal Group Channels, M6 group Channels, MTV'S, game one...

Broadcast also on Facebook and Youtube


The campaign scored very well, with all the indicators on the upper average of McDonald’s perception scores.

Items that were attributed to the campaign: Original, Warmth, made me smile and most of all: Friendliness.

8 out of 10 consumers agreed with the fact that Table service at McDonald’s allow them to spend good time with others and for more than 95% of them, that it will make them come back to more often to their McDonald’s restaurant.

Also you should know, that the song was in the top 5 of the shazam researches in November.

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