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Taco Bell x Snapchat - Taco Head Lens

TACO BELL, Irvine / TACO BELL / 2017

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As the biggest Taco fan in the world, Taco Bell had always dreamt of turning itself into a taco but the limits of reality had made it impossible. Snapchat's Lenses had launched with staggering levels of engagement and their "Sponsored Lenses" were just being introduced to adventurous advertisers. The brand saw an opportunity to harness the power of augmented reality and leverage Snapchat's cutting edge facial recognition technology to bring the idea of turning Snapchat fans into tacos and creating a fun/celebratory moment for Cinco De Mayo. To encourage use, the branding had to be intentionally subtle and not make the audience feel like they were being served an ad.


Over the course of 6 weeks, Taco Bell & Snapchat collaborated relentlessly in the pursuit of an as true to life Taco as possible complete with a proper corn tortilla filled with seasoned beef, sour cream, crispy lettuce, bright tomatoes, tasty cheese and of course a drizzling of Diablo Sauce when the fan raised their eyebrows. The challenge was to make sure the Taco Head looked as appetizing as possible. Branding elements were subtle with only a hand-drawn logo, the diablo sauce packet and the signature Bong SFX.

Given the Taco Head would only be live for 24hrs, Taco Bell wanted to make sure as many people experienced its first Lens as possible so it used a small amount of paid media on Twitter to announce the arrival of the lens while wishing everyone a happy Cinco De Mayo.


- Snapchat's Most Viewed Sponsored Lens to date

- 224 Million Views

- 12.5 years of total play time spent (across all users in 24hrs)

- Averaged 24 seconds of play time per user

- 48 Million Snapchatters reached

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