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BBDO GERMANY, Dusseldorf / BAYER / 2009

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We created a unique, engaging encyclopedia that the pharmacists can actually eat, if they choose to. The ink, as well as the paper, is entirely edible. The encyclopedia celebrates the lore of metaphors about eating. These common sayings, which have sprung from human situations everyone can relate to, reinforce the notion that digestion becomes uncomfortable at some point for just about everyone and that Talcid can help out in every case. The storied tales of digestion come to life with whimsical illustrations and playful definitions.


The edible encyclopedia was sent to pharmacists throughout Germany. The encyclopedia resonated with them, gaining Talcid top-of-mind status in a crowded antacid category. It also reinforced the notion that Talcid can help nearly everyone in a variety of everyday digestive scenarios gone wrong. Rather than just recommending Talcid to consumers as the best choice for chronic stomach conditions, the pharmacists were reminded that Talcid is an important everyman aid in combating a variety of common situations of stomach distress. A second printing run is planned so that Talcid’s edible encyclopedia can reach even more pharmacists throughout Germany.

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