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Already 15 states in Europe have a total ban on the use of wild (or all) species of animals in circuses. In the Czech Republic, there was an unequal approach in assessing the conditions for animals in private farms and ZOOs on the one hand and circuses on the other. After circuses, less stringent wildlife conditions are required.

74% of Czechs would welcome a change in the law, as they are not indifferent to the abuse of wildlife in circuses.

Brief: Join 15 European countries by approving a total ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.


What if there is a law that allows animal abuse?

Will it shape our children?

Will we teach our children crookedly?

Will children's books be different and paradoxes in them?

If the law allows it so it is possible.

The children’s book of rhymes reflects the cruel animal treatment in circuses. Nobody wants to read TAMED RHYMES to their children. We delivered the controversial book to the legal bodies.


There are many ways how creativity can ‘nudge’ people in the right direction and deliver message with emotional and rational incentive. Our target audience were members of the Chamber of Deputies with the average age of 47.5 years and the highest number of women in the history of the Czech Republic (44 women). Many of them are parents who are interested in how children perceive the world at their age, because this can have great consequences in the future. We were clear and single-minded about the behaviour we’re setting out to change. The approach was to develop creative work that targets that behaviour change very tightly, then incentivising the change with an original incentive that calls to action: “And what does your child see in the circus?”


We wrote authentic rhymes, draw relevant children's illustration.s

We have produced a limited number of books.

200 books for 200 deputies

Handed over directly to the deputies, including the Prime Minister.

Handed over before the final discussion of the amendment to the law in parliament.


The campaign for the Freedom of Animals organization influenced the public’s perception and contributed to the change of law. The Prime Minister even shared a photo with our book on his social media.

Wild animals will no longer appear in Czech circuses.

The amendment to the law will be valid from 1.1.2022.

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