Cannes Lions

Tap of War

ISOBAR, Melbourne / 7 ELEVEN / 2018

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We transformed a content-viewing platform into a gaming platform to represent the playful, energetic brand and get fans tapping back for more. We hacked Stories by using the left and right functionality in a never-before-seen way to create a high-intensity two-player game of skill.


The gamified and competitive Instagram Story worked by grabbing a mate, tapping as hard and fast as you can to drag the Slurpee onto your side. And the prize? Well, that was up to Slurpers. It worked similar to a wager bet, which saw our weird and wonderful audience bet on things like: wearing a chicken costume in public, eating a tablespoon of hot sauce and of course, many many Slurpees shouted.


Our Slurpers couldn't get enough. After the 24-hour story ended, we saw:

- Close to 400,000 total taps, which is over 4.5 taps a second

- 6 rematches per player

- Facebook recognise it as a Best Practice and Innovation case study

All without a dollar put behind it.

Heaps of Slurpers from around Australia slid into our DMs to let us know their wagers, with plenty of winners scoring a free Slurpee from their mates. Let's just hope we don't receive any complaints of carpal tunnel from too much gameplay in the future!

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