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TaxSlayer Integrated Campaign

BRIGHT RED \ TBWA, Tallahassee / TAXSLAYER / 2018

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During our planning phase, we conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research to dive into the consumer journey around filing income taxes. We found two significant, but largely untapped emotions that we could address with our creative. First, we would make it clear that our tools and guidance were the best. Then, we helped customers get excited about receiving their maximum refund. Because the U.S. government takes a big piece, it’s up to consumers to file the right taxes to get the maximum refund. 94% of TaxSlayer customers get a refund. For most, it’s the biggest check they get all year.

Our creative conveyed the genuine excitement people have about spending their refund. We talked to real people and used their words. We discovered there was joy in the dream about what customers could do with their refund. Answers ranged from travel, to household renovations, to investing in their future.


For most in the tax category, income tax season is defined as January 1st through the tax-filing deadline (traditionally April 15th). We approached the season with a 24/7 integrated plan that had heavy-up periods early and late in the season (to align with the majority of filers).

Digital executions (led by native, video and programmatic placements) were developed by audience segment – including side-hustle, early, affluent and military filers. Additionally, testing and optimization efforts never ceased. While the campaign focused on the “refund” message, other core messages were tested throughout the campaign to ensure effectiveness.

While digital tactics drove our media mix, we included high-profile mass placements to drive top funnel awareness and valuable impressions. These included national placements in USA Today, as well as network TV and key cable placements.


Our results were astounding, surpassing all pre-campaign objectives. The two most significant impacts were that we added new customers at a rapid rate, 22.3% more than the year before. Over 1/3 of all our customers were new this year. We also drove top of the funnel awareness (+22%) and an increase in unique visitors to our website, by an increase of 33.2%. When looking at social media comments, surveys, and online reviews, the “refund” was the most used word. Our customer NPS (Net Promoter Score) also increased 20 full points above the finance industry average (62 vs. 42.) We also found our customer base shift to a higher income and more loyal audience that will pay dividends for years to come.

Some specifics:

33.2% Increase in YOY unique visitors

22.6% Increase in NEW customers

22% increase in brand awareness

36% increase in purchase intent

82% increase in brand interest

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