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MATCHPOINT, Madrid / VIACOM / 2008

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Viacom Media manages the advertising spaces of MTV, Paramount Comedy and Nick. Viacom’s aim was to target media planners with this campaign and provide them with a deeper insight into their TV channel program content as well as the broad range of targets that they can reach through advertising on these programs.We wanted to demonstrate to planners that Nick was more than cartoons, MTV more than music videos and Paramount Comedy more than stand up comedy.

Indeed, these channels aren’t just what they seem and planners would be encouraged to consider them on this premise when developing their plans.


A nashii! is a fruit that looks like a pear but tastes like an apple. Like Nick, MTV or Paramount Comedy; it is not what it seems.Under this concept we developed a campaign starting out with guerilla teaser activities in the neighbourhood of media companies. A follow up E-mail then revealed the meaning of the word nashii! Then, planners were directed to a website which contained three interactive games, themed around star programs from each channel, giving us the opportunity to convey relevant information about program content and target audiences. At the end, participants received a real nashii!


In one month more than 2,700 cream cakes were thrown, more than 1,400 doors slammed, and 478 rides tuned. More than 200 media planners gave us their personal details and discovered the true meaning of nashii!

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