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R/GA, New York / AD COUNCIL / 2009

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The integrated campaign was crafted by our agency from strategy to creative execution to final development where we enlisted talent to contribute to our unique video content. The campaign’s center is the website,, featuring interactive videos, callout cards, discussion forum, and a “Need Help?” section for serious problems. The site launched on January 5th, and was soon supported by a multimedia effort that included TV, radio, out-of-home, online advertising, viral videos, a YouTube channel, Facebook page, and mobile site. This pro bono effort relied on donated media and therefore, the media launch dates varied for TV, radio, out-of-home, and online advertising. Since mobile devices are heavily used by teens — and can be a weapon in digital dating abuse — it was imperative for “That’s Not Cool” to have a mobile site that worked in tandem with the other campaign elements. Yahoo! donated two million free impressions to help promote the mobile effort.


Between January 5th and April 8th of 2009 the website visits exceeded 310,000, an average of more than 103K visitors per month. According to the Ad Council, “this has far outpaced the level of traffic typically seen on other Ad Council teen-targeted websites.”Beginning with an online exclusive partnership with Google for the launch of the campaign, the media’s enthusiastic response continued to soar. February articles in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune along with coverage of the issue and campaign on The Today Show confirmed and further ensured that the campaign generated significant interest from the target market. Posted videos generated over 200,000 views, and about 34,000 visitors viewed at least one of the forum topics. Visitors sent over 28,000 call-out cards. And the mobile site is averaging 800 visits per day.

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