Telenor New Prepaid Portfolio Launch

PHD HUNGARY, Budapest / TELENOR / 2016

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Telenor is Hungary’s second largest telecommunication company. However it has neither the vast global network, nor the deep pockets of the reigning giant, Telekom, who has been weaving itself into the pop-cultural fabric of Hungary through large scale sponsorships and celebrity endorsements for decades.

Taking a real underdog stance, Telenor made a bold move: it decided to launch a product in the prepaid segment, a declining market for 3 years...

…with 7 active competitor offerings, creating a constant buzzing clutter and choice paradox for in-market consumers

…with an offer tailored specifically to the most notoriously ad-averse generation that has ever lived: Gen Z.

However, for a generation for whom ’savvy is the new sexy’, Telenor’s cheap, mobile data heavy offering gave us a fighting chance in this battle of David and Goliath. We only needed our slingshot…


Our lead media was WOM as social currency and authenticity had to be our focus first. We made sure that our influencer-driven earned media started to drive app downloads, but beyond the filters and frames GenZers naturally gravitate towards, we supported conversion through sponsored app store presence.

All our complementing activities were organized around the schedule of GenZ mobile behaviour and started to seed service features after a week, uncovering Telenor as the brand behind: High affinity TV was used as a second screen rather than the first, and outdoor media in high affinity environments was using the distinctive #MOSTVAGYOK branding.

Lastly, we turned FOMO into FAME.

Using the location tags of the app, our influencers came to the rescue of GenZers in distress: across Budapest they delivered gifts, hugs and of course... surprise. These experiences were turned into video content and seeded online.

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