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K2, Warsaw / DISNEY / 2017

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Because the main character, Dr Strange, uses teleportation to travel around the world, we’ve thought about using a public transport planner site for promoting it. is the biggest one in Poland. Users can find the quickest way to get from point A to B via public transportation. It works in all major cities and shows buses, trams and metro schedule.

3 days before the movie premiere, a new way of travel showed up on site: TELEPORTATION. The time needed to get anywhere with this option was always ZERO. Banner appeared at the top of search results.

After clicking on the banner, the user was 'teleported' to a landing page where he/she could buy a ticket to the nearest cinema.


With 4 000 000 UU monthly, is the biggest public transportation planner site in Poland. After typing point A and point B on search bar you get the quickest way of travel by bus, tram and metro.

Our banner showed up at the top of every search result during 3 days before Doctor Strange premiere. It showed “TELEPORTATION” as the quickest way of travel (always showing ZERO minutes). The design of banner was well implemented on site – it looked like a real search result.

When users hoovered their cursors on banner it showed movie’s key art right next to it and CTA “Teleportation”. After clicking on the banner, users were 'teleported' to a landing page where they could buy a ticket to the nearest cinema.

This was the first time ever, when someone decided to promote on in this way – we've invented a new media format.


The use of a public transport app/site to promote the Marvel movie was highly appreciated and often mentioned on the Internet and in traditional media.

The banner soon became viral as users made screenshots of it and shared them on Social Media. National TV, press, radio and digital media soon followed.

Estimated reach outside 2 million Poles.

Enough to say, that during the three days of the campaign, people would go to not to check the route, but to see our banner!

Banner was clicked every 15 seconds. Over 160,000 users visited the page during 3 days.

135,121 viewers saw Doctor Strange on the opening weekend in polish cinemas.

For comparison: Captain America (20,575), Iron Man (49,185), Thor (49,799).

As matter of fact, if you add the figures, Doctor Strange gathered more crowd in cinemas, than those 3 guys TOGETHER.

Good job, banner.

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