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Test Drive Takeover

GREY BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / VOLVO / 2017


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If we were to stand a chance against giant diesel brands, we had to approach potential buyers precisely, so we could overcome our budget limitations. So our insight was simple: what if we used the power to attract test drives of established diesel brands against them?


First we mapped our main competitors across town. Then we analyzed their test drive schedule. We then figured out the routes they used for test drive. Finally, we parked the new Volvo XC60 D5 outside their dealerships and waited for the perfect moment to intercept their test drive and invite potential buyers to try the new Volvo.


Dozens of potential buyers were intrigued by our approach and accepted our invitation to test drive the new Volvo. The social video became an instant hit, gathering over 5MM views in a week, thousands of comments and shares. Brand consideration grew by 15%, and Google searches grew 4K% on the following weeks. With 50K dollars, Volvo created its most successful social video ever.

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