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Colgate’s latest equity campaign was aired and one of the things that research could identified is that the audience was missing smiles. While the next wave of the equity campaign was being created agency was assigned with a job to reinforce that the smiles are a Colgate thing. A simple idea that would make people remember that.


Our BI team have been mapping more than a dozen brands to analyse their practices and performances. We slowly added other videos, trying to emulate what those brands were doing. After a period of testing, we launched the campaign. Considering the idea, data was more important in the pre-campaign. At that point we were collecting and crossing data to be as assertive as possible in the launching.


First, our team needed to gather a massive amount of data from other brands. Understand the behaviour of those brands was essential so we could understand and predict where they would be (so we could place our thank-you-ad before them). Basically, our target was other brands that rely on smile to show their good mood to their target.


Once the data and the segmentation were ready to go, the implementation was simple as upload a YouTube campaign, because that’s what it is. Placing our ad just before another ad with a smile was able to put our work all over the platform. It was the final act of Colgate’s equity annual campaign and it lasted for a week in in the country.


As a campaign it achieved an overall Ad Recall of 0,8% lift and it was higher amongst 24 and 35 years old, reaching 1,5%. Awareness wise it had a positive Response Rate of 42,2% and even though it wasn’t the campaign goal it had a purchase intent of 51,1%.

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