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P&G enjoys a unique relationship with the Olympics. We honor athletes, but we also celebrate the woman who makes each journey possible. Mom.

A perfect strategy for a company that makes everyday products. But P&G isn’t a product. It’s a family of brands. And the Olympics isn’t everyday, it’s a major investment requiring big returns. P&G research showed purchase intent increases dramatically when mothers understand the relationship between P&G and its brands as the “proud sponsor of moms.” So we unfolded a narrative that made the connection between P&G brands and athletes’ moms intuitive. We created an echo chamber across media platforms, making P&G’s role with athletes and moms an inescapable, universally accepted part of the global Olympic conversation, preparing audiences for the powerful message of the ad campaign.

Launching 101 days out, we served up P&G’s “Raising an Olympian” film series, chronicling the journeys of 28 world-class athletes and moms to both users and content starved media. We launched the powerful 2:00 video “Pick Them Back Up,” securing media exclusives that set off chain reaction of views and coverage.

When moms hit Sochi, the P&G Family Home was their home away from home. P&G pampered Olympic moms with Pantene®, Olay® and CoverGirl®. Pampers® coddled babies. Gillette®, Head and Shoulders® and Braun® groomed dads. P&G gave the media what it craved most; access to the best Olympic backstories.

25 billion global impressions connected moms to the P&G family of brands supporting her every day, delivering a huge return in purchase intent.


101 days before Sochi 2014, P&G launched Thank You Mom globally, premiering the “Raising an Olympian” film series and announcing the P&G Family of Athletes across media and social.

One month out, P&G launched the inspirational viral video “Pick Them Back Up,” securing exclusives on influential sites Mashable and Huffington Post, setting off a chain reaction of coverage driving views, driving coverage and more views.

In Sochi, the P&G Family Home was a sound stage with athletes and moms as central characters bringing P&G’s Olympic story to life. The epicenter of content creation for P&G brand social media properties, and for athletes. The go-to location for media to interview athletes and moms. The P&G connection was inextricable from the coverage. Seventeen P&G brands were center stage throughout 54 branded events. Moms were pampered with 1,200 hours of everyday services that created lasting brand connections. This upped the volume on the echo chamber so that our story was being showcased wherever consumers turned.


We set out to up our game in Sochi. And exceeded even Olympian standards.

• P&G equity increased during Games-Time (P&G Core Equity Tracker, includes familiarity, favourability, trust, purchase consideration)

• Sochi activation improved brand linkage to P&G by 8%

• Generated 25 billion impressions globally with Brands featuring prominently in coverage (18+ brands came through daily in message cloud)

• Delivered brand message pull through in 67% of global coverage

• Broadcast placements in target rich consumer media leveraged access to athletes and content to bring P&G brands to life at the Games

• 146 million digital views of assets

• 38% Twitter engagement rate during Games

• >25% increase in social fans on brand platforms drove brand integration drove brand integration

• Consumers identified relatively new Olympic sponsor P&G as one of the top 2-4 sponsors - only behind long-time sponsors Visa, Coke, and McDonalds depending on the region (P&G Core Equity Tracker)

• “According to a study by Ace Metrix, a TV and video advertising analytics firm, the gold medal for corporate branding during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi goes to Procter & Gamble…” (TIME, “5 Brands That Are Winning the Olympics”)

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