The 90-minute challenge

CLM BBDO, Boulogne-Billancourt / ST HUBERT / 2018

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According to the French Federation of Cardiology, only 1 in 3 French people have regular physical activity. Yet this activity is vital after a certain age. St Hubert Omega 3 margarine made it their mission to encourage people to exercise. The campaign’s objective wasn’t to promote the brand’s products, but its vision: for 15 years, St Hubert Omega 3, has always believed in the powers of omega 3 fatty acids and a healthy lifestyle to fight cardiovascular diseases. Diseases that still cause nearly 400 deaths a day in France.


St Hubert Omega 3 proposed to 11 fathers to rise to a unique challenge. For 3 months, they exercised with one single goal: to last a 90-minute match against their sons. 11 French football hopefuls, in training at the Girondins de Bordeaux, a historic Premier League club… Coached by former professional players (Yannick Stopyra, 33 appearances for France’s national team), the preparation took place in secret, to push the emotion to its peak, right up to the moment when the fathers came onto the pitch. A special rule was applied, to motivate the fathers to last: when a father can’t go on, his son must also go off. At the end of the match, only 5 fathers managed to last. But everybody really enjoyed the game.


St Hubert Omega 3 is a brand of margarine high in omega-3, fatty acids that are good for the heart and it is consumed by French people over 40, who are sensitive to the risks of cardiovascular disease. Men and women, who should engage in regular physical activity to take care of their hearts. But who don’t always find the motivation to do so…We therefore chose to go beyond the brand’s rational discourse and give our consumers an emotional reason to exercise: taking care of yourself, allows you to enjoy your loved ones for longer.


The 6-minute documentary, although far from Facebook’s recommendations, generated 5 million views, 46% of which were organic. And an unprecedented engagement rate for the brand. But above all, it made thousands of other parents want to exercise with their children via #90MinuteChallenge.