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For the past 50 years, Broadridge served as the backbone of the financial services industry. Our legacy business began with supporting securities processing and investor communications and has since evolved into an expansive portfolio of technology-driven solutions and services. In 2017, we rebranded in efforts to unite our established reputation as a trusted partner and as a leading global #FintechGrownup, to help clients transform their business and get ready for what’s next.

Today, Broadridge helps clients understand and apply next-gen technologies to transform their business by simplifying the complex. The ABCDs of Innovation includes a focus on AI, blockchain, the Cloud and digital—as well as the underlying data and analytics that makes them more powerful—but is not limited to an acronym. The ABCDs of Innovation are an opportunity to answer how Broadridge delivers on our promise of helping our clients be ready for tomorrow’s challenges, today.


The fast-paced evolution of emerging technologies has been inundated with “industry leaders” and can be intimidating, making it hard for senior decision makers to cut through the hype. Broadridge differentiated itself by launching The ABCDs of Innovation—an authentic, brand-awareness web-campaign that presented evidence-based proprietary research supporting the benefits of innovation and providing practical guidance on how to accelerate adoption and maximize ROI.

Through clear, concise messaging and an interactive user experience, Broadridge created a digital environment that was both easily navigated and easily understood.

To build trust in our data and intelligence, the campaign featured our people—Broadridge Navigators—to carry our message of digital transformation through innovation. Senior, client-facing executives operated as our campaign leaders, relating to the target audience and guiding clients and prospects to prioritize their innovation roadmap.


Our campaign focused on firms in several key segments of the financial services industry, including Customer Communications, Capital Markets, Asset Management, Wealth Management and Corporate Issuers. Rather than focusing only on our individual products or services, we targeted C-level executives across those segments globally and turned their insights into actionable intelligence and consultative value for clients.

Broadridge conducted research to identify what our clients value most: leading industry solutions and partnership in finding a path forward. Our approach to the campaign site tapped into these client values and aimed to instill the same level of industry confidence in our innovations as our legacy business.

The goal of this campaign was to let the data speak for itself, communicating our message in an inspiring and collaborative tone, rather than an intimidating one. The web-experience and linked campaign marketing reflect the stories of real people, real voices, real data and real outcomes.


The ABCDs of Innovation landing page served as the hub for all campaign content pieces.

Phase 1 (launched February 2020) featured:

• A six-video series filmed pre- and during the pandemic, featuring senior executives and SMEs discussing the campaign pillars and real-life business applications.

• Three rotating enterprise-level content cards featuring topics that resonate across audience segments.

• Four tabs allowing visitors to dive deeper into each emerging technology:

o A curated, revolving series of content supporting the campaign and bringing brand messaging down to the segment and solution levels.

Phase 2 (launched May 2020):

• One of three proprietary survey findings and reports, ancillary interactive web-experiences and eBooks for executives.

The digital-first campaign featured many marketing assets that all directed traffic to the regional campaign landing pages (localized for US, Canada, EMEA/APAC). Highly targeted outreach crossed channels including social media, SEM, events, webinars, display ads and emails.


The ABCDs of Innovation campaign exceeded all goals for driving revenue, reputation, and relationships:

• $5M in pipeline contribution

• 115K+ page views of landing page

• 1.2M video views since launch

• 1,406 visits to the G100 research study

• 3M+ social media impressions

• 17 marketing-qualified leads generated

Since launch, Broadridge revenue and stock performance have reached record-highs. The campaign was well-received in the market and Broadridge executives were invited to share insights as technology leaders in Forbes, FinTech Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Following the campaign’s success, Broadridge will conduct an even larger study on The ABCDs of Innovation and continue the campaign throughout 2021.

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