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The All-In Promo

DAVID, Buenos Aires / NEWSAN / 2019


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Imports have always been a complicated topic in Argentina. While the country was closed to imports back in 2013, Argentines turned to local brands and the truth is Noblex did pretty well in that context.

But in Argentina, nothing lasts forever. The new party in power opened the market, and Noblex found itself requiring something deeper and more emotional to compete in the same league as well-established Japanese and Korean brands. The World Cup is THE BEST TIME to sell TVs. Noblex was offering a 4KHD product just as good as the ones SAMSUNG, LG, or SONY produced, although at a similar price. The Brand also sponsored the national soccer team but again they were competing against juggernauts such as Coca-Cola and Quilmes (In-Bev). Amid all this, the campaign faced the challenge of relying on the Brand’s association to soccer to attract potential clients.


2018 is the year of the football World Cup. Historically the most watched event in Argentina. No need to say it’s high season for electronics retail.

Noblex is an Argentine TV manufacturer competing with Samsung, Sony and LG; offering a product that’s similar in quality and in price. But when it comes to technology consumers prefer asian brands.

To make things even more complex, 3 matches before the end of the South American qualifiers to the World Cup, the Argentine National Team was left with zero margin for error and little chances to qualify.

Football is pure entertainment but the “All In Promo” made it even more enjoyable. It offered those who bought their Noblex 4K TVs a full refund in case Argentina did not qualify for the World Cup. With an unprecedented approach to sponsorships, people went crazy. The online TV stock sold out in hours but the conversation lasted 4 weeks in which the Noblex CEO went from being the laugh of the nation to an absolute God.

We had established two types of goals:


- To establish an emotional bond between Noblex and Argentines, in connection with football.

- To maximize the reach of a low media investment


The emotional connection between the Brand and Argentines has been achieved, and the campaign’s results are proof of that. With just two tweets:

- We became the sponsor with the highest number of positive interactions in 2017 (among all 12 official sponsors)

- Organic Reach: 57,000,000

- Earned Media: US$13,017,126

- Impressions: 406 MM

- #1 most-mentioned Brand on Twitter in 2017 & #4 most-mentioned Brand on TV in 2017

Noblex turned out to have the highest spontaneous brand recall among all ads related to the 2018 Russia World Cup knockout round. Examining the level of acceptance among people who’d declared to have seen the commercial action, over 70% liked it and considered it improved the Brand’s image.


- To achieve direct sales through e-commerce of at least 1,000 4K HD 55” units.

- To create a demand for Noblex products on the retailers’ side given that that’s how 90% of the production is sold.


- US$11 MM in turnover for 5000 TVs sold online (B2C). Full stock.

- The inventory of B2B Noblex TVs for Q1 2018 sold out. * (As a reference, in 2016 40% of the inventory had been sold)

- Retailer demand of Noblex products increased by 18% after the campaign

-ROI: US$12 for every US$1 invested in advertising

But that’s not all. The positive results cascaded onto other Noblex products apart from 4K models. The Manufacturer (Grupo Newsan) hit an unprecedented sales record: one million TV units sold as of the campaign, reaching a market share of 25%. (VS 12% of previous year )

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