The All White Kit

ENVISION, Aarhus / HUMMEL / 2017


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In the summer of 2016 hummel returned as shirt sponsor of the national Danish football team. Last time hummel was sponsor it was the glory days of the team, crowned by the European Championship in 1992.

But now – after failing to qualify first for the World Cup, then for the European Championship – match day attendance and TV ratings were decreasing and so was involvement in general.

In other words, the team was in a historic crisis. And our job was to get everybody interested in a new players shirt frem hummel…


When team played in The All-White Kit for the first and only time on August the 31st 2016 it took an entire nation by surprise – flanked by the all-white tifo organized by the fan club, our secret ally, and the all-white “invisible” ads on stadium.

Even before kick-off, the Internet was buzzing about the kit, reporters wearing it, experts analysing it – and everybody starting to get involved with the team again. And its proud sponsor, of course.

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