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The armpit hit

LEO BURNETT, Madrid / OLD SPICE / 2023

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Situation: Old Spice's "The Year of the Armpit" campaign needs engaging content for the summer, but the brand faces a challenge as it has no presence on TikTok.

Brief: Old Spice will create Instagram content that can easily be shared on TikTok to drive potential followers to its Instagram account. The focus will remain on "The Year of the Armpit," promoting products and engaging with its social media following.

Objectives: Old Spice aims to create compelling content that aligns with its current strategy and is shareable on multiple social media platforms. Establishing a presence on TikTok and driving potential followers to the Instagram channel are primary goals. Old Spice aims to reinforce its position as a modern brand, capable of effectively engaging with its community through relevant content. The brand seeks to promote its products and strengthen its image.


Old Spice, a brand that's all about keeping armpits fresh and clean, decided to create on summer a new summer hit that would finally give this forgotten part of our body the attention it deserves: The Armpit Hit.

After studying dozens of the biggest summer hits of the past three years we tailored a song to have the same beats, melodies, and type of singing that most of those hits are made of. But we didn't stop there. We asked our followers to help us write the lyrics on Instagram, filling it up with many allegories and jokes from the brand the community already knows, and the results were...well, let's just say they were epic.

The community understood the insight and engaged with us weekly creating the lyrics and later on sharing it on Tik Tok to help to give The Armpit Hit a place among the other summer hits.


Every year there are summer hits we are going to listen to on a road trip, night club or in a pool party with friends. They are all different but they share one thing in common: they only sing about arms, hips and asses, a lot of asses.

Since Old Spice and its followers were, under the Year of Armpit motto, giving relevance to this important part of the body, it was the time to ask our community to help us to create the first summer hit about armpits


Every year, summer hits songs talk about hips, feet, asses, hands, lips, eyes or even arms. But there's an always forgotten and underrated body part that has never been mentioned in these songs: the armpits.

At Old Spice we though this was unfair, so we asked our instagram followers to help us create the first summer hit that talks about them.

The lyrics mocks on all the other summer hits. We play on the lyrics with many summer hits cliches, catchy choruses, random lyrics moments, awkward sexiness, and making fun of toxic masculinity. As it was created together with our followers, they added a lot of jokes that the brand created along the years , like the white horse, meeting a grizzly bear or talking about custard apples (chirimoya in spanish).

The result couldn't be more random.


Reach: +7000% (compared to the same period of the previous year)

Total Interaction: +4,14%

Views: +91,97% (compared to the same period of the previous year)

+200k views on tik tok

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The year of the armpit


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