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The Art + Science of Feeling Better

BARBARIAN , New York / MUCINEX® / 2021


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Mucinex® is a leading OTC Cough and Cold medicine, but operates in a hyper-traditional category for brand experience and with limited product evolution. While Mr. Mucus had been a notable figure for the brand, they needed to innovate in different areas in order to attract a younger audience and evolve the brand to join the modern health & wellness industry. The industry has undergone massive growth and disruption, with new brands constantly cropping up to help us look and feel good. But according to the Global Wellness Institute, “wellness” began to be synonymous with Personal Care, Beauty & Anti-Aging, and Healthy Eating. Our objective was to introduce Mucinex to a new generation, a generation with a strong bullshit sensor, a preference for self-care and wellness over doctors and medicine, and a discriminating sense of style.


We combined the scientific power of Mucinex with the artistic power of established designers to create a fashion line designed with intelligent features that help you feel better during cold and flu season.

Introducing Sickwear™—a first-of-its-kind capsule collection that brings together the art and science of feeling better. Leaning into the insight that looking good can help you feel better. Sickwear™ is a six-piece gender-neutral capsule collection that helps you look and feel better during cold and flu.

We debuted Sickwear with a category-first shoppable live-stream fashion show, with top YouTube influencers as models, turning their homes into runways. The launch was promoted with teasers, a designer making-of-documentary, and influencers sharing their unboxing and sick day routines.


To bring Sickwear™ to life, we partnered with fashion designers that could win over Gen Z with authenticity and style. We tapped Steven Alan and The Great Eros’ Christina Viviani to design the limited edition collection anchored in classic silhouettes but infused with innovations like antimicrobial fabrics, tissue pockets, aromatherapy sleeves, pillow hoodies, and retractable eye masks, all made with sustainable materials.

The ZZZimono is an antimicrobial washable silk jacket, complete with a detachable neck pillow and designated pockets to keep your tissues sorted. The Feel Good Hoodie is equipped with aromatherapy-enhanced sleeves and a nap-anywhere hoodie that doubles as a pillow to help you recharge and relax. The Slumpsuit is a one-piece jumpsuit designed with comfort and convenience in mind with a front and waist zipper.

We debuted Sickwear with a category-first shoppable livestream fashion show—a technical feat that involved six separate locations choreographed into one live stream.


Sickwear sold out in less than 24 hours after 13,000 livestream viewers.

Fans interacted with the YouTubers in a live Q&A, where real-time inventory updates shaped the conversation, and viewers could not only watch, chat and interact, but instantly buy the collection from a new Mucinex DTC website.

The campaign resulted in the largest single-day DTC eCommerce sales in history—a 500% increase. The new collection also garnered 91 million impressions with earned media from folks like WWD, TrendHunter, Business Insider and was named one of W Magazine's Wildest Collaborations of 2020—alongside brands like Gucci, Peloton x Beyonce, Crocs x Justin Bieber, and more.

We didn’t just help Mucinex appeal to a new generation, we launched an entirely new category in fashion, created a pop culture moment, and transformed Mucinex from healthcare into a holistic wellness lifestyle brand.

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