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In December 2019 Australia was in the middle of its worst bushfire season in history causing homes, towns and lives to be lost. Leading up to Christmas, Sydney was filled with a smoky polluted haze, and apocalyptic ash was literally raining down on our cities. Despite this, our leaders refused to acknowledge the link between the increase and severity of these fires and climate change.

As climate change becomes a growing threat to our lives, Greenpeace aims to educate and force leaders to acknowledge the climate crisis for what it is: an existential emergency that requires emergency action.

We needed to send our leaders a clear message and rally people to put pressure on the government to acknowledge that this isn't normal, this is a climate emergency.

Our aim was to raise awareness, inspire action and drive people to sign the Greenpeace climate action petition to reach over 100k signatures.


We created a very special Christmas gift - The Ash Globe. A dark depressing twist on the traditional snow globe made with ash we went out and collected from the fires around Sydney.

The globe features an angry Santa holding a protest placard ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like climate change’ and a plaque on the base that reads 'Australia Burns. Christmas 2019.' Each globe was made sustainably and carbon offset.


From numerous scientific articles to the non-stop news reports, the evidence was clear on the link between the worsening bushfires and climate change. Many surveys also showed that over 70% of Australians agreed climate change is real and already having an effect. However, our leaders continually denied these facts.

Our aim was to 'call out' and send a message to our climate change denying politicians, but we knew that if we sent them an Ash Globe, they were unlikely to see it, or even care. So we decided to use influencers and celebrities who supported climate action to share The Ash Globe on their social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to spark the conversation, gain PR and put pressure on our leaders.

We knew with no media budget, this would be the most effective way to reach supporters, gain awareness and drive people to sign the Greenpeace petition demanding climate action.


As our country continued to burn, news came out that our Prime Minister was on holiday in Hawaii. We used this opportunity to deliver an Ash Globe to his home and call him out. This became the first social video asset we pushed out on Greenpeace social channels that immediately got people talking.

We then called upon several influencers and celebrities who were more than happy to help put the pressure on. Hugh Jackman, Tim Minchin, Vera Blue, and Russell Crowe were just some of the celebrities who shared The Ash Globe on their social channels, accompanied with their own message of frustration at our government's lack of action.

The globes were delivered, and went out across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to their millions of followers over 2 days. Each post also encouraged followers to share and sign the Greenpeace petition demanding climate action.


-Reach of over 30million.

- +120K likes, +6,5K comments, +22K shares across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

-Local and international news coverage across Daily Mail, Yahoo, NZ Herald, New Daily,

- Increase in followers across all Greenpeace social accounts.

-Helped Greenpeace climate action petition reach 120K signatures - forcing it to be heard in Parliament.

-Our Prime Minister finally started to listen, conceding climate change ‘has his attention’ and publicly stating a shift in climate policy to lower existing emissions targets ‘even further.’